We deliver to all the Sydney Metropolitan areas and specialize in timed deliveries

We have listed various areas which would provide details on the individual function around our service delivery. It covers wide range of topics from logistics to administration of the contract.

Fleet :

We currently own 3 X 4.5T and 1T van for deliveries running to their full capacities in serving our existing customers. We would continue to add to our fleet. Our vehicles are fully loaded with the standard equipments that provide a safe environment to work and to carry out tasks of delivering goods to our customers.
It includes lift, trolley, ropes, straps and other items that would ensure smooth and safe implementation of the task by our employees.


We take pride in working with our customers and believe in promoting their business for the benefit of all stakeholders. To display our commitment in working with you, we would ensure that a signage of your business logo is displayed on our fleet.

Flexibility & Availability

We are proud in what we do and understand that no two jobs are same for our clients. We put our clients first and work around their requirements. We are fully flexible and operate on 24/7, 365 days a week to accommodate our clients needs. We also provide emergency deliveries to be carried out during out of hours/weekends or on public holiday.

We never say ‘NO’ to our customers.